Online learning for cat people.

Online Learning for Cat People.

Online learning is not easy – for students OR teachers.
And now we have a pandemic to deal with, too.

Clearly, we need a gentler approach to online learning.
So our information is delivered by cats.

You might think that cat videos are fun, but a waste of time.

The research says that’s not true.

One study found watching cat videos could:

  • Boost energy levels
  • Increase positive emotions, and
  • Decrease negative feelings.

Another article concluded that cat videos could be a useful form of stress management and self-care.

Could we apply these benefits to an online learning setting?

Absolutely. Try it for yourself…

For Teachers

For Students

Everyone wants to watch cat videos, right?

It sure seems that way:

“Cats” is one of the most-searched-for terms on the Internet, and YouTube videos starring felines account for more than 26 billion views, making them the single most popular category on the site (source).

So what if we could harness these benefits and apply them to online learning?

That’s what happens here at Liz Meow.

Cat videos are transformed into online learning resources.

Now online students and online teachers can both enjoy the stress-busting, positive benefits of cat videos.

So what next?

If you’re a student, there are lots of free videos waiting on YouTube.

If you’re a teacher, you can also access free videos on YouTube.
Collections include:

Teachers, need some unusually engaging online learning resources?

Try these done-for-you cat videos you can use in your online classes.

You just click ‘play’ and let the cats do the work.

Now you can charm your students, rather than lecture them.

They’ll engage and respond, instead of turning off their webcams in the middle of a lesson.

It makes it easy to increase student engagement.

And it saves you a ton of work.

See the made-for-you online teacher resources here

Imagine a world where online learning could be as engaging as cat videos.

Click on the links above and see for yourself!